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When we have health problems, we will immediately go and see a doctor to seek guidance and help because none of us want to be unhealthy. But some of us (whether it is due to our cultural philosophy or way of living) will seek healing powers from alternative medicine providers to help solve our health problems. And if our health problems are overwhelming, then it may take several meetings with these health care providers so that they can diagnose, treat and remedy our health issues. With the advancement of human development and medical technology, more and more people are interested in using clinical hypnotherapy as a healing agent for health issues such as stress and anxiety which are common occurrences of modern living.

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Research has shown that stress is widely believed to be one of the main causes of various diseases such as headache, back pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression. Stress and pressures of modern living can also affect our immune system, and this naturally can trigger variety of other diseases. In addition to resolving a wide range of health problems as mentioned above, hypnotherapy can often be used to compliment the healing process of different diseases, addictions, and psychological traumas as well.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Us in Addressing These Conditions?

The core essence of hypnosis is to be able to tap in to the source of personal power within each of us. Hypnotherapists simply help an individual realize this internal resource and assist in resurfacing self-healing powers of the mind and body so that an individual can utilize that unlimited internal power that lies buried beneath the stresses of busy lifestyle most of us live. Despite the popular misconception about hypnosis, a person receiving a treatment actually does not fall asleep to reveal their deep rooted secrets, instead, patient is always aware of their surroundings. Getting hypnosis is just like having a nice and relaxing massage therapy.

Hypnosis Can Reconnect the Conscious with the Subconscious Mind

Our conscious mind is the side that is associated with the logical aspects of our lives, and is related to our short-term memory; it is our logical thinking that makes us remember the things we have done before. This part of our mind always tries to make sense of everything we sense through our 5 humanly senses, through rationalization our minds always weigh, debate and reason as to how to self-preserve and survive. Although our built in survival instincts are very strong and powerful, it has limitation due to previous negative experiences.

Our conscious mind cannot make the necessary correlation with our inner feelings (humanly intuition) at will; it requires work, effort and practice. But through hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist can actually help us reconnect our conscious thinking with our precious subconscious mind (inner guidance, intuition). This naturally will allow us to live more harmoniously and have greater control in our lives to positively arrive at a destination we call our destiny. This is what hypnotherapy can do, allow an individual reconnect and make the link.

Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy

In addition to helping cure some disorders such as phobias, obesity, drug addiction, weight loss and smoking cigarettes, hypnotherapy can also increase our productivity as it not only can help reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain, it can actually eliminate these conditions completely.

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