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During the first two weeks that I started a whole foods lifestyle, I got three unsolicited compliments on my skin from different people who had no connection to each other. It was bizarre (and flattering!). Whole foods can make your skin glow. Read on for five of my best tips.

1. Eat whole foods.I know, this is obvious. But it's my top cause of beautiful skin. Cut back on the amount of processed foods and increase your veggies and fruit. For extra oomph, start juicing, and slowly add more raw, uncooked, foods into your diet. I encourage adding raw foods slowly because people with digestive disorders can have some trouble digesting these foods properly. Experiment and listen to your body!

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2. Take a fish oil supplement.My skin used to be so dry that if I didn't moisturize in the morning and evening, it would look like I had snowflakes all over my face. Sounds like a cool Narnia character, until you realize they're not snowflakes. I thought it was normal to have dry skin! When I started including fish oil in my diet, my skin became balanced and I became a fish oil preacher.

3. Play with your dairy intake.Dairy can have a huge effect on acne and unbalanced skin. It's not uncommon to hear of someones skin clearing up through cutting out dairy alone. Try to eliminate dairy for a few weeks and keep a journal of how you feel and look every day. If you don't see any changes, no harm done!

4. Guzzle pure water.Drinking more water won't magically get rid of your skin conditions, but it is essential in healthy body function. Water helps our skin get rid of toxins and it hydrates our cells. Eight cups of water a day is the old go-to, but you know your body best. Fun fact: our bodies AND the earth are both about 70% water.

5. Stop the sugar.I always notice when I'm eating too much sugar because my skin reflects it. Candy, cookies, and processed snacks cause rapid increases in blood sugar, which in turn creates inflammation that is reflected through the skin. The next time you want a few handfuls of M&Ms, try reaching for some figs or a juicy Medjool date instead.

BONUS: Get crunchy.Moisturize your face in the morning and the evening with a teaspoon of pure, raw honey. Yes, I'm talking about food on your face. Honey is antibacterial, contains antioxidants, is incredibly moisturizing, and promotes healing.

Get your hands a little damp with water, massage the honey into your face, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. It feels like a gentle exfoliator and makes your skin look flawless. Tips: Make sure you don't have make-up on when you do this and get honey that's labeled PURE and RAW.

So. You still can't get your skin to look flawless? Remember that your gut health is often reflected by your skin. Focus on healing your gut, and your skin will follow suit. Click here for my free ebook on how to start healing your gut.

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