Several Things to Consider About Online Marketing

To make our online marketing as effective as it can be, we really have to consider how we target the audience from a deeper psychological perspective. Our brains have three important systems that we need to target in order to be truly effective; these are the Primal, Emotional and Rational parts of the brain. If we can target all three areas in our online customers, we are further down the road to making more sales.

The Primal brain is in charge of our vital functions including arousal and alertness levels which help to keep us safe. So in commercial terms, if we wish to effectively target this area of the brain, we need to make the new service or product we are offering seem sufficiently familiar so that the brain will deem it safe (new can be seen as risky) whilst tantalising arousal levels with subtle attractive images.

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The Emotional brain controls our instinctive emotional responses. This part of the brain determines our purchasing decisions and those all important impulse buys. So to target these emotions in your customers, you need to show them how they can feel through your marketing. If you want them to feel happy, show them happy people in your images. Its that simple!

Finally, the Rational brain likes to plan and organize although it greatly influences our consciousness. As humans, we follow our gut instinct. We make our decision to buy something and then we rationalize as to why we need to buy it. So why not provide the rationalization for them? Make the whole process of buying a lot easier for the customer.

However, in order to be successful with our online marketing, we have to consider the Primal, Emotional and Rational systems of our brains together. Otherwise we will not get the full commitment from the customer. So to be persuasive, send a message that is arousing, emotionally effective and intellectually compelling.

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