Tips for new Etsy Sellers

Tell the buyer about your process, your inspiration, how you came to open your shop. Do not leave any stone unturned! Write in a conversational tone, as if you are chatting with a friend, not like you are writing a cover letter. Show your personality through the description of your shop and do not be afraid to have a little humility.

Add a photo of yourself or other people involved in your shop.

Sellers want to feel like they can trust you and what better was to start building trust than with putting a face to a name. Make sure it's smiley, clear, and bright!

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Have at least a full page of product.

This is huge. When I let my shop get understocked I start to lag in sales, when there is a full page or more I can really see traffic and sales pick up. Think of it like you are walking into a store at the mall, if you happened to see that there we're empty shelves or lack of inventory, you would feel turned off and probably leave. Additionally, the more product you have, the more there is to choose from, the more likely it is a buyer will find something they like. Simple as that!

Fill out the shop policies.

Again, think of this as though you are buying online at your favorite retailer. Before purchasing you want to know things like shipping time, processing time, shipping options, returns & exchange policies, etc. Make sure your policies are clear and concise. Unlike your shop bio, this is not the area to use conversational tone, this area should be more formal.

Create relevant product titles.

If you're selling earrings and you have labelled your product title "Earrings" and called it a day, you can expect for your product to get lost in the shuffle. You have to be descriptive but concise. What colour are these earrings? Are they studs or hoops? Silver or gold? Made of organic materials? State it in the product title.

Take quality product photographs.

When you take photos for your shop you should be maxing out the number of photos you can take. In addition, the photos should be clear and bright and highlight any unique details of your product. This doesn't mean that you need to have a fancy camera, I usually just take mine with my iPhone. A little bit of editing can go a long way too, crop it appropriately and adjust the coloring to make your product shine.

Tell your friends!

I know not everyone is a "shout it from the rooftops" type person, but self-promotion is one of the easiest forms of promotion. Post your shop on your personal Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for your friends & family to see. Even if they don't make a purchase now they may consider you later, or even better tell a friend about your shop. The more people who know you are doing this, the better!

I hope that these tips helped you get started on growing your Etsy business.

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