Passing under the starting line...

People seem to be bunched up on the right side of the road but I know that the start line has all four lanes of traffic so I begin briskly walking down the left side as I tuck away my coin into my pocket. My Nike Running App is set and so is my garmin. I decide to start both ahead of the start line so there are no issues. Here we go, I pass underneath the starting line.

Miles 1-3

My mantra "relax" is all I think about. Heading into Rossslyn we start to climb and there are rolling hills. I just keep telling myself to relax as I am holding a sub 10 minute pace.

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Miles 4-7

Knowing we had passed most of the elevation gains, my mantra shifted to "stay present." We we're headed into a more country setting with rock bridges, leaves turning, and less crowds. I almost forgot to take in a GU at mile 4. We made a small climb and turned into Key Bridge and Georgetwon with great crowd support. I was using their energy as motivation. I remember my GU before mile 5. I chose to carry my Skratch Labs hydration with me. It is how I trained and wasn't changing the plan for race day. The plan was to refill it every six miles. I would pour in the powder before the water station and then duck in at the end of the station to refill. This went off without a hitch. It only added to my run confidence. Uh oh, mile 7 and I need to pee! Simple solution was find a tree. Now I am running again and my pace is still around 10 min per mile.

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