The Viral Blogging System from Empower Network

The Viral Blogging System from Empower Networkis it for you, and is it worth the price of admission?

Yes, I am a successful Empower Network affiliate, but that doesn't mean that this review of the Viral Blogging system is going to be biased. I'm going to straight up tell you the good, and the bad about this product, and hold no punches, so you can make the best informed decision possible.

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What you will be receiving in this blog post are facts. Nothing hypey, nothing misleading.because that's the way I roll.

Cool? Alright.

The first thing you need to know, is that the Viral Blogging System is just that.a blogging system. Now it's a pretty cool blogging system with a lot of bells and whistles to boot, but know isn't some "magical system" that is going to make money appear out of thin air just because you write a couple of blog posts.

What I'm saying is that when you're trying to rank your content in the search engines, the finished product is no different than writing a blog post on your personal blog, or any other blogging platform. There are no hidden secret SEO factors built in. When you start a new blog, it has zero page rank, zero back-links, zero. Which is the same with any new blog you start anywhere, unless you're blogging on a 2.0 site. (Tip: It's kinda hard to brand yourself as a serious blogger or marketer with a url of, mashable, squidoo etc.)

Let's Take A Tour Of The Viral Blogging System

So What Do I Get With The Viral Blogging System vs. A Traditional WordPress Blog?

In the overview video, I showed you the simplicity of The Viral Blogging System and some of the cool features that you get. I want to make sure you understand ALL of what you get, so I'm going to break it down for you step by step.

FREE HOSTING - The Viral Blogging System's hosting is free and provided by Empower Network. So right off the bat, you will be saving $13+ a month. Plus there is none of the headaches that come with pointing your domain to your hosting, and all the technicalities that come with installing your hosting on your blog.

YOU GET AS MANY BLOGS AS YOU WANT - Want a blog to sell Empower Network? You got it. Want a blog to sell lavender scented candles? Go right ahead. Want a blog to write about the life of your dog? Alrighty!

You can have as many blogs as you want. You can customize each and every one any way you want, and you can turn off the Empower Network branding if you wish. NO INCREASE IN PRICE!

LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Haha, this is a big one. WordPress doesn't even have customer support. They have a forum where you post a question and hope it gets answered. If you have a question, or get stuck with The Viral Blogging System, support is available to you 24/7 by email, or you can call them anytime during normal business hours. I think that's pretty cool.

CLICK AND POINT BLOGGING - You are currently on a WordPress blog. (now there are some advantages to WordPress as I'll describe later) Do you have any idea how much time, energy, and money has gone into this blog? How about this blog post? I'm talking about formatting and embedding pictures and video using HTML. It's not exactly enjoyable, although I think it looks nice. But with the VBS, well, you saw how easy it was.

ONE CLICK EDITING AND MAPPING - Change your picture, click. Edit your header, click. Change the theme, change the background, change the font, make a new page, click, click, click, click! Everything is that simple.

READY IN MINUTES - However long it takes you to go through the check out process, is how long it will take you before you can start blogging. It's already done for you instantly. There's no messing with setting up hosting, installing WordPress, installing numerous plugins just to make it work smoothly. It's all there. Just start typing!

TWO CLICK MEDIA SHARING - This is pretty self explanatory. Click upload media, then click the media file you want to insert. Done. Easy peasy.

GRANNY PROOF - Haha. No offense if you are a granny by the way. You cannot break this, you cannot mess it up. There are no codes, complexities, or anything that is remotely advanced. Blog and enjoy without the headaches.

ALREADY SET UP TO MAKE YOU MONEY - Yes. Your blog comes complete with banners, headers, and footers pretested and proven to draw your readers attention and interest. Not only that, they are already linked to killer lead capture pages that are already coded to you, so you can start generating leads and sales instantly.

Don't want the Empower Network branding? Just click a button to turn it off. Yes, many people use The Viral Blogging System, who aren't even affiliates of Empower Network. They love the simplicity and ease of the entire products. Others use the blog to promote other services and products.

MOBILE BLOGGING - Everything you have on your laptop, you now have in the Empower Network app. You can blog from your phone, take a video on your phone, and after a few clicks, it is put up on your blog. Pretty cool, right? Not only that, you have access to all of your Empower Network products via the app. You can listen to hundreds of different audios, or watch any of the other great training inside EN right from your phone whenever you fill like it. It's almost like a mobile marketing university.

That's a review of all the features of The Viral Blogging System.

but that's noteven closeto covering all of the other features and bonuses you get. But I'll get into that later.

I know. There are a TON of reasons why people are so attracted to just this single product in itself. But I'd like to discuss a few of the downfalls of the VBS.

First, it lacks integration. What I mean, is that it is a blog, not a website. You can't host your own personal trainings or membership sites, like I do on this site. For some people that's fine, and for beginners it's perfect, but if you ever want anything other than a blog, you'll have to go elsewhere.

The next problem or objection that I sometimes hear is that you don't really 'own' your own blog. If you don't pay your $25, all of your hard work goes away. Well, yes. That is true. It's also true that if you don't renew your domain or pay your hosting for your own blog, it goes away too. You also don't 'own' your blog if your using blogger, or blogspot, etc. While this is a valid problem, it doesn't hold much water because the same is true for any other platform.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10 I rate Empower Network's Viral Blogging System a 9 out of 10.

As far as price is concerned, what you get is unrivaled any where else in the market. The ease and simplicity of use is beyond anything I've ever experienced. It works like a champ for beginners and experienced marketers alike. The only true downfall of the system is the ability to integrate other features and plug-ins into the system to enhance it to your personal needs.

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