Bali , the island for children

Bali is a myth and even a fictional character . Particularly photogenic , the island has preserved it's amazing and magic beauty , and if it has always been a favorite destination for honeymooners , it is also a destination for family travel

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The island is an "invitation to travel " and each visitor is invited , especially young children , as the tradition says they are still close to the Gods. Everywhere so they will be welcomed and pampered , we will try to distract them , and if they are unruly , it will ensure that it is a sign of intelligence and good health. The Balinese are always happy to show their guests their ancient culture that emphasizes sharing , arts , parties, and above all the beauty of the gesture. Women spend an infi time nor make an offering, and deposited daily on the altars of small baskets , made in materials as fragile and ephemeral as the fl owers , leaves, fruit. Because it is the gods , aesthetes and gourmands island belongs , and if they lend it to the people , they demand in exchange for being honored. To satisfy the exercise of the arts is as necessary as prayer. And all indulge in it ! We owe to this belief, the bas-reliefs that adorn the houses , temples, this attention to detail , and even the unspoilt beauty of the rice : cultivate is a sacred act , a devotion to Sri , the goddess of rice. Here , curiosity is a quality we gladly answered , as indeed we do not fail to ask the travelers. It is a mark of attention , as natural as a smile that you will address, as a preamble to any exchange . It generates a sense of sharing , openness and hospitality .

It is normal to want to visit the houses, taste traditional food, or participate in the festivities. Inaugurate the processions and ceremonies are spectacular regardless of whether the traditional dress of men is enriched sunglasses , or brocades and traditional Kebaya women are synthetic , the fervor is intact

Discover Bali with family , it is also offer incredible luxury to reclaim time , the stars, the elements. The climate is always mild , never suffocating heat . Rain is beneficial , it's strings bounce off the ground, to the point that one wonders if this is not the land they spring . Wind is the ally of men , it protects the crops in the fields animating rattles and scarecrows to the faces of coconut, it raises the giant kites high in the sky where they roar like engines. The sun, Matahari , literally the day's eye , floods all it's luster, then refl ects golden hue , just before giving sea , rice fields and volcanoes a wonderful bed that can be quickly learned to watch .

The distances between attractions are never too long, the roads are good , the hedge is less fl eurie bougainvillea , hibiscus , frangipani. The great sacred banyan often have more than ten meters wide . We do not fear the drop , they will always be an opportunity for discovery and encounters. Along the way , the smaller will be amazed at the color of dragonflies, red, blue , or green sparkle of fireflies flit nightfall. Tableaux vivants enliven the course, a child alone with a long stick , leads a simple movement the rolling gait of several hundred ducks A lizard , a sort of miniature dinosaur,casually through to the car, just before dusk , egrets form a huge V victorious in the sky, they join together and leave overnight in the village of Petulu .Some places, like the Uluwatu Temple or Monkey Forest in Ubud, evoke the " Jungle Book " , the pilfering monkeys there reign supreme. Elsewhere there are bats that occupy caves or temples . Therefore unnecessary to spend time in one of the many theme parks dedicated to children , the crossing will be sufficiently entertaining . The greatest , the island will feel an adventure without risk.

They can climb Mount Batur , and at the top to admire the sunrise , the rock of their egg breakfast, go rafting down the Ayung river or try surfing waves impressive . Off Pemuteran, the lead boat on the shores of Menjangan , there with a simple mask and snorkel , you can admire the colorful fish and coral fl uorescent , stars Blue Sea. The show is worthy of a diving bottle into great depths.

Not far away is an incubation center for sea turtles and the whole area is extended by a huge nature reserve , the Bali Barat National Park, where you can observe rare birds All these places are that information because we will quickly realized the best way to visit Bali together is to get lost

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