5 Security Features You Need To Start Using To Protect Your Laptop

What do you have stored away inside your laptop? I bet it's lots of important files that have taken you years to collect. Probably every single piece of music you love, every family photo ever taken, and all your important documents you will need at some point in the future. What we keep inside our little hard drive is pretty powerful stuff and we take big risks having it there. If it was me, I wouldn't want to be the one who wakes up one morning to find everything is gone. I bet you'd be devastated if anything like that happened.

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It won't, or at least it won't if you do what you can to make sure it doesn't happen. That means doing more than what you're doing now to protect stuff. There are some pretty smart people out there that will all have different tricks you can use to keep your computer safe, but we'll go over a small percentage of them now. We'll look at all the most basic ones. Follow these ideas and you won't have to worry when your computer suddenly looks a bit shaky.

Keep people out

You don't have any idea if people are doing anything on your computer while you're not there. What would happen if they are going on harmful sites that could infect your laptop with a virus? If you install keylogging software you'll be able to know what someone was doing by checking up once they're finished. This shouldn't be used to spy on anyone, but it should be used to make sure they know not to touch anything while you're not there.

Backing up in the cloud

One thing most people don't yet realize is how amazing some of the current cloud options are. You never see these big servers in the sky, yet all of your important information can be saved there in the time it takes you to click a button. There's many to choose from and some are even free. If you have any important files lying around on your hard drive you would be crazy not to save them in the cloud.

Keep a physical backup

You would also be better making a physical backup that you keep somewhere safe in the house, or preferably somewhere that wouldn't be damaged if your home was to catch fire. If you take an external hard drive anywhere you just need to plug it into someone else's computer and you have access to everything without going online. It definitely makes things less stressful when something happens, but let's cross our fingers that it doesn't.

Protecting your passwords

Imagine what would happen if someone cracked your passwords and done something nasty with it. That could be your email account, Amazon account, or even your bank account, but no matter what they do it's going to be nasty. Use password management software and everything will be kept nice and safe in the one place, so you only need to remember one master password and not have lots scribbled down in all different places.

Tracking software

Someone could easily snatch your computer and you wouldn't have a clue what to do. If you had tracking software installed you could see exactly where they we're and you could tell the police where to go. You might have seen some funny articles online where someone's laptop was stolen and they could use the webcam to watch the thieves. You can even send them a message, or find out everything they do in personal accounts to help you nail them. It's definitely better to have it than to go without.

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