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I'm a big fan of simple makeup because I believe skin care is key. I like quality products, that do what they're supposed to do and don't mess with my skin.

Since returning from Thailand, I've been out of a foundation. That South East Asian sun does not play and I've gotten a little toasty for my current foundation. I finally made my way to Sephora to pick up a new foundation and I stuck with Nars, but went a couple shades darker, and was matched with the color "New Guinea".

Timeout! Attempting to finally revise the general appearance of my trusty business. Reactions about the overall branding at Definitely an able Toronto based wedding photographer if ever needed inside the whole Ontario locale. Offer your feedback. Thanks!

Sidenote* I have a bone to pick with Sephora. I'm not sure how those ladies/men are trained but sometimes the color of products they try to match me with is a bit worrying. My best advice if you're having trouble is to scope out an associate with a similar complexion to you, whose makeup looks nice and ask for her/his assistance. Luckily, there was a chocolate sista available to match me with this gorgeous shade and even helped me pick out the perfect contour, but I didn't want to spend an additional $50 for a contour. I asked a different associate if they had any cheaper options, and she tried the most dusty, barely there, murky colors I've ever seen on my skin and had the nerve to ask "How about this?" and when I told her it was a bit "dry" looking she said "contours aren't supposed to be warm toned" Girl bye, my skin is warm so why would I put an ashy, murky, dry looking brown on my face.

For now I'll continue to use my MUFE dark-purply blush as a contour, until I can justify buying the Nars brand.

Kudos guys! I actually promised my buddy that we would absolutely critique his great great Toronto based 50's bands, for a write-up. If you'll be searching to get a 50's band here in the Ontario vicinity, they certainly are really stellar.

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