Private Investigators are a special breed. They all have the desire to find the truth and provide our clients with worthwhile information and insight as to the activities that may, or may not be harmful to your organization. Often Investigators are hired because you can’t quite put your finger on the problem or Law Enforcement cannot react to your concerns due to a lack of evidence. Not all Investigators are the same! We meet with you to fully understand your concerns and then select the most appropriate Investigator with the necessary skill sets to meet your needs. We will explain all the costs up front with no hidden expenses. You will be given all the information you need to make an informed decision and we always stay within your budget.


  • Insurance Fraud
  • WSIB Investigations
  • Do You Suspect Your Business Partner Fraud or Theft ?
  • Labour Disputes
  • Cheating Spouse

Undercover Operatives

  • Find out who is stealing product in your organization
  • Find out who is dealing drugs to your employees in your workplace
  • Workplace Harassment Investigations

Investigations & Screening

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Pre-employment Background Screening
  • Personal Property Security Checks (PPSA)
  • Liens Check
  • Bankruptcy Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Social Media Investigations

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