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All our Security Personnel are experienced, fully insured and licensed to operate in anywhere in Ontario. Let us custom design your security program to mitigate the risks that you or your organization are facing.

Private Investigators are a special breed. They all have the desire to find the truth and provide our clients with worthwhile information and insight as to the activities that may, or may not be harmful to your organization.

Intel Security & Investigations is authorized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to deliver both the Security Guard and Private Investigator licensing programs.

4 reasons you should use our Private Security & Investigative Services


Intel Security & Investigations only employ experienced Private Investigators and Security Personnel.

Our services come with the reassurance that your protective services or investigative requirements are in the hands of someone who is both licensed and qualified to assist you with your needs.


All employees with Intel Security & Investigations are licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services to act in there respective capacity.

Our management team comes with over 30 years of direct industry experience and are active members with the American Society of Industrial Security. (ASIS)


We are committed to providing you with our expert and timely services. Security Personnel are expected to attend your site 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled start time to receive a full briefing and they will not leave the site until a written report is completed for your review. Our Investigators give you their full attention as we only assign them one file at a time.


Intel Security & Investigations have on staff qualified Use of Force trainers with court defensible experience. Programs include: Handcuffing, Edged Weapon Defense and Tactical Baton.

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Reasons to Decide on intel investigations?

At intel investigations we take being a private investigator quite seriously. We understand that truly when folk are browsing to get an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator these people require the best. That's why we will attempt to be truly the smartest private investigator we possibly can be within Ontario. It really is our determination to really staying the finest that has generated us all extremely substantial respect here with our purchasers.

Being an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator all of us also continuously try to invest time to unravel all our clienteles' concerns with great diligence and without waiting. All of us of course devote the time. We all think it's extremely critical to make certain clients truly feel recognized and even taken care of.

Certainly, there are not too many private investigator that own the exact expertise together with background to identify their service as a leader for their industry. Combine that together with our increased degree of purchaser assistance and truly we feel we absolutely are the ideal extraordinary Toronto based private investigator inside Ontario.

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All this starts off with a simple phone call.

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We'll be pleased to talk about all your private investigator concerns in greater detail over the phone or through email in case this is best for your needs. Following that we can suggest the solution which most effective suits your situations circumstances. See the reason people now refer to us as the very best extraordinary Toronto based private investigator!

Still Want Persuading? Other Outstanding Reasons intel investigations is truly Private Eyes

Dedication to Excellence - Private Investigator and Investigation

Our devotion to high-quality is quite substantial. For anyone attempting to become an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator or an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, there's really no other route but to give it your level best possible to stand out. When any specific consumer will take extra time, we all supply this customer extra attention. Anything at all in order to be sure they are very happy with all of us as a private investigator. Always remember, we support all of Ontario, therefore you should call.

Dedication - Detective and Private Investigator License

Some clients have often described us as an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator and also the greatest Ontario area private investigator you'll find! That does not take place without unbelievably hard toil and also dedication to the businesses buyers and also the excellent quality bestowed in your product. In case you're looking around to obtain an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, we all really contend that we are truly the preferred selection. Call intel investigations to look at your current requirements now! (905) 407-3221.

Experience - Private Investigator Jobs and Private Detective

Within virtually any industry, experience certainly is a principal factor in regards to final results. If you might be wanting an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, then that is all the more legitimate. Being a private investigator, we will certainly convey to anyone undeniably how the final end result is undoubtedly influenced from the knowledge of the firm that you are contracting. The very significant level of expertise which intel investigations possesses in being an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, is undoubtedly precisely why anyone have to rely on us all with your invaluable business. If you will be looking to get an extraordinary Toronto based private investigator, think of intel investigations. Certainly talk to us all today.

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We will not be under quoted. Don't pay high rates simply because you did not consult with us all. Positive you have an outstanding value ? Need to be absolutely positively guaranteed? Consult us here. You well may just realize that we are in truth the better company. Numerous clientele have in the past.

Selecting the private investigator to hire is a time-consuming undertaking. Make a well informed evaluation. You ought to talk to all of us with absolutely no obligations to see on your own if we all will be the optimal private investigator for your situation.

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